Confederación Sindical Independiente Fetico was created in 1978 to represent and defend the interests of Spanish employees in the commerce sector. Since then Fetico has become one of the main independent union in Spain with more than 62.000 affiliates in 2018. Nowadays Fetico represents also workers from other sectors of the economy mainly service sector.

Fetico brings together 14 regional confederations and is the Spanish trade union with the largest representation in the retail activities. Most of our affiliates are workers from big companies as Corte Ingles, Ikea, Carrefour, Auchan, C&A, Primark, Leroy Merlin or Apple. Fetico has national scope, its federal headquarters is in Madrid where work more than 50 people but our organization has regional representation in all the Spanish regions and offices in more than 31 Spanish cities.

  • We are an open, independent organization.
  • We are a democratic institution governed by the principles of equality, open information and participation of all of our members in decision making.
  • We advocates a syndicalism based on the social dialogue, the participation of workers, the negotiation and the agreement.
  • The improvement of labor and social conditions of our workers.
  • The presence of Fetico in European institutions and the collaboration and networking with organizations and entities from other member states to work with a broader approach in the topics of interest for our institution.
  • The encouragement of social progress values such as solidarity, equality and cohesion. 
  • Respect for diversity
  • Social Commitment. The 1% of our membership fee is assigned to help the disadvantaged and groups at risk through direct support and collaboration with NGOs hat work with these groups.
  • Code of ethics that articulates the values of the organization and define the desired behavior of its members. All of our members are expected to observe these Code of Ethical Conduct.
  • Equality, we promote specific measures to foster equality in the workplace and remove gender discrimination.

Social dialog and Collective bargaining

Fetico is an organization with voice in the social dialogue that participates in the negotiation, consultation and exchange of information between representatives of national and regional governments, employers and workers on issues of interest.

Fetico represents workers´ interests through collective bargaining in the commerce sector. The collective bargaining agreements signed by Fetico involve more than 300.000 workers of the commerce sector in Spain.


Fetico has a wide experience in the field of training:

  • Identifying continually the training needs of the labor market through research studies.
  • Collaborating with national and regional public bodies and other social agents in the development of vocational training policies and initiatives.
  • Detecting emerging professions and new competences required in the labor market.

Fetico has its own training center called AULA Fetico, with facilities for delivering in-classroom training programs and courses address to the workers

Fetico has also a virtual training center (http://www.aulafetico.es) with resources and tools for the continuous improvement of skills and qualifications of workers. 


Fetico is deeply involved in the activation of the labor market in Spain.  We have a service of guidance in employment issues in which we provide professional support and assistance especially to those groups with special difficulties to enter o re-enter the labor market as young people, long-term unemployed adults and low-skilled workers.

Health and safety at work

Fetico promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing information and advice about labor risk prevention and occupational health and safety standards, legislation and best practices.

Equality and non-discrimination

Fetico works to promote equality and non-discrimination in the workplace through actions and measures to encourage gender equality, reconciliation of work, personal and family life, management of diversity, labor integration of disadvantage groups, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR

Our aims go further than the defense of the labor issues. We are aware of our responsibility with the reality in which we live. Fetico has a specific area “Social Commitment” in which we support activities which try to produce a positive impact on society.

In the last years, Fetico has been working at European level, promoting the participation of our organization in all those institutions, organizations, projects and networks that allow us to offer better working and social conditions every day.

The objectives of Fetico in Europe are:

  • To have institutional presence at European level, for a better defense of the interests of our workers.
  • To encourage collaboration and networking with other organizations and entities from other member states.
  • To work, with a broader approach, on those topics of interest to our organization: Employment; Training; Social dialogue; Equal opportunities; Diversity management.
To meet these objectives Fetico participates in different European organism, projects and networks.

Participation in European Committees
Participation in European Projects
Participation in European networks

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