The European Diversity Charter is an initiative launched by the European Commission devoted to promoting diversity in the workplace and assisting companies, public institutions, and non-profit organisations in putting diversity, inclusion, and solidarity at the core of their activities.

In Spain the Diversity Charter was launched in March 2009 by the European Institute of Diversity Management and the Alares Foundation and currently the Charter is managed by Foundation for the Diversity organization devoted to support companies and organisations to implement and develop diversity and inclusion policies.

By signing the Diversity Charter in 2021 Confederación Sindical Independiente-Fetico reinforces its commitment towards people in work environments, pledging us to respect the current regulations on equal opportunities and anti-discrimination and to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace inside our institution and among the companies in which our union is represented.

The workplaces are becoming more and more diverse, with people from different cultural, social, and demographic backgrounds which means a management challenge for companies but the coexistence between people with diverse capacities, attitudes, values, motivations, and knowledge can be also an opportunity that enriches organisations and adds value to them.

Fetico formalized its adhesion to the Charter in December 2021, in an event held by the Diversity Foundation with the participation of the Representation of the European Commission in Spain.

More info about the Charter in Spain:


Antonio Pérez, General Secretary of FETICO collecting the membership certificate

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