Project Nº 2018-1-IT01-KA202-006843

Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Implementing period: 2018-2021

Project leader: Associazione Nazionale Dirigenti Pubblici e Alte Professionalità della Scuola- ANP


Partners: The project involves 7 partners coming from 6 EU countries (Italy, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Belgium and Bulgaria)

According to ET 2020 Working Group on VET (2016-2018) the member states have no systematic analysis of existing governance frameworks and professional practices in WBL. There is a lack of teacher/trainer qualification and a continuous professional development for school staff involved in WBL. Only few countries have formulated necessary competences and minimal requirements for VET teachers in WBL specifically; most of the competences are general requirements applicable to all (VET) and there are specific programmes with a specific focus on teaching in WBL paths.

Project objective: to develop a Work-Based Learning Training Model and other educational and policy framework resources that support teachers and trainers in gaining professional knowledge to create their schools' career and WBL training path, use non-formal educational methodologies, increase their knowledge and connection with the world of work.

Project activities:

  1. Analysis of national systems concerning work-based learning, study of the governance arrangements in place for actors implementing WBL in schools, training centres and companies (laws, regulations, labour agreements, policy plans and programs)
  2. Design of the learning objectives and learning modules.
  3. Development of work-based learning paths
  4. Implementation of the training model in piloting courses.
  5. Evaluation of the testing results.

Project outputs:

As a final result of the project a "Training itinerary for the training of teachers, trainers and tutors of companies on work-based learning" has been developed.

Project website:https://www.ewblearning.eu

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